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Dr. Scott Weiss catching up with Larry Sloman, providing him with information for his best seller ‘Mike Tyson’s Undisputed Truth’

5th Street Gym, Miami Beach

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Brin-Jonathan Butler journalist and author of A Cuban Boxer’s Journey and The Domino Diaries:

“Dr. Scott Weiss and Paige Stover’s exhaustively researched Confusing The Enemy – The Cus D’Amato Story is a gem of a tomb to one of the most enigmatic, controversial, and fascinating men in the history of boxing. It’s a brave look at a notoriously secretive man inside boxing, a sport Jimmy Cannon once described as “the red light district of sports.” The book’s 11 tireless years of research throws more light on D’Amato than anything that’s previously been written, yet the dark shadows surrounding D’Amato and his legacy have only intensified as a result. A fascinating character honored with equally fascinating reporting.” PRESS RELEASE, March 19, 2014 “The 5th St. Gym (Alton Road) is thrilled to announce a Rock’em Sock’em evening celebrating the legendary careers of boxing superstars Cus D’Amato, Floyd Patterson, and Muhammad Ali. On Friday April 4, 2014 from 7:30pm to 9:30pm the 5th St. Gym will host Dr. Scott Weiss and Paige Stover, authors of Confusing the Enemy: The Cus D’Amato Story (Acanthus Publishing, 2013) and Vinny Furlani, NY boxing trainer and protege of Floyd Patterson, who has produced the Typhoon Technique and Train Like a Champ training DVDs.”

Book Review by Jackn Hirsch, Boxing News, December 2, 2013
Confusing the Enemy paints D’Amato as a suspicious and secretive individual, yet his brilliance comes through. His relationships with Patterson, Torres, and Ali are fascinating to read about. D’Amato was a man of great resolve, such as he showed in a sit down meeting with Liston and when he resisted the mob’s efforts to assert control over Patterson. And he was a rarity in that material things meant little to him.”

Confusing the Enemy: The Cus D’Amato Story, Senior Outlook, December 2013
“Help kids get the perfect gift for dad and Mom create the perfect holiday for her husband by featuring the brand new boxing book Confusing the Enemy: The Cus D’Amato Story(Acanthus Publishing, 2013). This holiday season, grab some eggnog, sit by the fireplace, and take a trip back to the boxing glory days that boomers and seniors relish.

Confusing the Enemy: What MMA Needs to Learn From the Precedent of Boxing, Cage Potato, November 2013
“Boxing was corrupt in the ’50s — the mafia having gained control of the industry during the prohibition of the sport from 1830 to 1920 — and most fighters were simply objects to be used and discarded. (Of many available examples, 110% of Joe Louis’s purses were committed to other people, and the IRS still needed to be paid on top of that).

There were still people who pushed back, playing the dicey game of making certain compromises while maintaining a larger strategic aim. One such man was legendary trainer Cus D’Amato, understood to be the driving force behind world champions Floyd Patterson, Jose Torres and Mike Tyson. In Confusing the Enemy: The Cus D’Amato Story, a new biographical novel by Scott Weiss and Paige Stover, the strategy and tactics of D’Amato throughout different eras of boxing are explained — ideas that still apply to the embryonic mixed martial arts game today.”

Scott Weiss discusses Confusing the Enemy on Wrestling Marks of Excellence – Fox Sports Radio 1340 AM. Click to Listen

PRESS RELEASE, October 1, 2013
“Acanthus Publishing is thrilled to announce the publication of Confusing the Enemy: The Cus D’Amato Story (Acanthus Publishing, 2013). Written by co-authors Dr. Scott Weiss and Paige Stover, this riveting biographical novel explores the life of legendary boxing trainer/manager Cus D’Amato with all the accuracy possible, given the host of conflicting stories and contradictory accounts surrounding his enigmatic existence.”

BOOK REVIEW: ONE MAN’S OPINION, Boxing World, July 23, 2013
“The reader truly feels like he is a fly on the wall of gymnasiums, bars, arenas and backrooms while history is unfolding… I would love to see CONFUSING THE ENEMY transfer to the silver screen… My verdict on this book. Buy it.”

The Cus D’Amato Story,, June 28, 2013
Confusing The Enemy- The Cus D’Amato Story is an instant classic for the boxing bookshelf. All of us here recommend it highly.”


Scott Weiss discusses Confusing the Enemy on Friday Night at the Fights radio show with Randy Gordon and Gerry Cooney. Listen – Part 1 Listen – Part 2

Award Winning Author Paige Stover Discusses the Great, Mysterious Cus D’Amato Stover’s latest work deals with no less a boxing luminary than the iconic and mysterious Cus D’Amato. Confusing the Enemy: The Cus D’Amato Story offers insights into the man who trained Floyd Patterson, Jose Torres and Mike Tyson that few have been privy to.